Why DD? - DD for Eden Prairie

DD will fight for:


Making Schools Safer both in Physical & Digital Environment


Learning takes place at its best where the mind is without fear and the knowledge is free.

No parents should be worried about the safety of their kids while they are at school. No children should be worried about their safety while they are at school. It's their time to learn, engage, explore and develop life long friendships. Safety should be the least of their concerns.

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21st Century Education & Workforce Development


We are heading towards a time where conventional things will be done by unconventional means. Some of the things that technological advances will bring in a not so distant future - instead of doctors themselves, guided robots will be able to perform surgeries, while drones delivering packages is already a reality in a limited extent, that will be even more prevalent, and the cars will be truly self-driven. The future holds the promise of disruptive innovation.

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Smart Spending of Tax-Payers Dollars


Eden Prairie's school district is in a good financial position. While the state mandates for an 8% reserve, we are nearly double that at 15+%. Homeowners and Residents like you and me pay fewer taxes compared to the cities of our size. This clearly reflects that our finances are managed prudently and we need to keep on doing that.

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