Smart Spending - DD for Eden Prairie

Smart Spending

Eden Prairie's school district is in a good financial position. While the state mandates for an 8% reserve, we are nearly double that at 15+%. Homeowners and Residents like you and me pay fewer taxes compared to the cities of our size. This clearly reflects that our finances are managed prudently and we need to keep on doing that. 

We need to jot down our priorities and spend accordingly. While making those spendings, we should clearly define the minimum acceptance criteria, what it means by success and how we are measuring it. If it is not measurable, it does not exist.

When young couples and families shop for houses, they shop for the school district first. If we can make our school district, the district of choice by providing great education to the kids and also by keeping taxes low, Eden Prairie will be attracting even more families in our vibrant community.

As more families choose to call Eden Prairie home, our home values will be stable or on an upward tick and it will be a great return on our investment. A strong school district not only provides good education and a solid foundation for our children's future but it also provides a good return on investment of the property owners. This usually also attracts more retail businesses as well as employers to the area, improving the overall economy of the community.

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